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System Requirements

Hardware: RAM: Min. 4GB. (Recommended 8GB) Disk Space: 1GB free   Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 10 Some users has reported that Session Splitter works on Windows 8.1 also. Session Splitter currently supports 64 bit Windows systems only. Additional: If you are going to install Session Splitter on Windows 7, you will need to install […]

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Your Account

You must register an account and subscribe to one of the plans to use Session Splitter. There is no free trial available for Session Splitter.   After a successful subscription, you will be able to login to your Turboware account. Click the link below to go to Log-in screen.   Enter your Username and

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How to save passwords in Ungoogled Chromium and enable automatic sign-in into websites.

By default, Session Splitter has disabled password saving options and automatic website logins in Ungoogled Chromium. If you want to save passwords in Ungoogled Chromium, please follow the process below- 1. Sign in to Session Splitter to view the profiles list. 2. Start the profile for which you want to save the passwords. The ungoogled

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Data Security

Data Safety Session Splitter is serious about your data safety. We have the highest level of  security in our system to protect your data from any unfair means.   Your passwords Session Splitter account password set by you or generated by system is fully secured. We don’t know the password if it is set by

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Every new profile has its browsers without any extensions. But you can enable these extensions to manipulate the fingerprint values the browser sends out. What extensions are there in Session Splitter and how they work and how to enable or disable them to make a unique but normal looking web identity, just read on.  

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