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Creating Profile

✦ Creating profiles in Session Splitter is very easy.

✦ Open Session Splitter and log in with the username and password.


New Profile


✦ Click on ‘New Profile’ in the left blue colored bar.


Profile Details


✦ Enter the name of the project or client in the ‘Name’ field.

✦ If you want to put this profile into a group, then enter the group name for a new group or Select the group from right most dropdown icon.

✦ You can enter the description for the profile in the ‘Description’ field.

✦ Select a proxy group if you want to use a group of proxies for the profile.

✦ If you want to use a single proxy, enter the proxy in Proxies field. Know more about proxies here.

✦ Select your browser ‘Ungoogled Chromium‘ or ‘Chrome’ as Browser.

✦ Setting homepage is optional.

✦ Select a user agent if you don’t want to use default user agent. If you are good with default user agent, just skip this.

✦ There is an option to run the browser as incognito mode, if you want.

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