elegance in simplicity

Session splitter is the most elegant yet simple solution to arrive in this browser identity market space. The “bells and whistles” are only those that are genuinely needed. No more worrying if your browser footprints are being tracked across customers, profiles or projects. Session Splitter is the most secure browser profile manager on the market period.

When you HAVE to know you aren't being tracked

Look, we focused on one thing first, security. When you want to know that your browser is secure and not sharing data from any other browser, any other identity, we should be your choice. If you are working with other solutions that make this kind of work more comfortable, and you aren’t overly concerned about leaking data, sure, go ahead and use them. But we think we’ve priced ourselves fair enough that when you need TRUE security with your browser, we’ll be the smart choice, and owning a number of these products isn’t out of the scope of reason.

listen, we know there are some other options out there . . .

And we’ve used them all. Unlimited workspaces, unlimited identities, unlimited sessions, on and on. My god, what does it all mean? And do we REALLY need all of this? We determined that we didn’t.

What we wanted was something that allowed us to manage unlimited profiles. Set a profile, call it something meaningful, put in a description, and know that NOTHING from that browser will EVER leak to another browser.

No shared cache, no shared cookies, in essence, a totally different browser. Drop-in a proxy IP, and there is NOTHING to tell anybody that you are the same person or location as any of the other browsers. Your browsing sessions truly have been split from one another.

So How Much Does It cost?

What exactly is Session Splitter?

Session Splitter is Windows-based software (currently) that is NOT a browser. Session Splitter CONTROLS browsers. Right now, we support Chrome and Edge, with more coming. It allows you to set up Browsing groups and then browsers, proxies, pages for projects within those groups.

The most obvious use is for agencies who work with multiple Google My Business Pages. Specifically, any agency managing pages for leads or for "rank and bank." But of course, there are many other reasons an agency would want to split their sessions.

But the truth is, Session splitter is for ANYBODY who wants to keep their browsing habits unassociated and/or anonymous, for any reason. And they want to do it without breaking the bank.

Simply Stated

At its core, Session Splitter is one thing, an online privacy tool, for EVERYBODY.

It does not matter why, and for what reason you are trying to keep your online habits private. Session Splitter is the tool you have been looking for!

What Just Some Of Our Customers Are Saying

Session Splitter impressed me right away with the attention to detail: Every method of fingerprinting a visitor's browser seems to have been addressed. 

Going well beyond user agents, IP address and cookies, this tool obscures fonts, plugins, "supercookies" and web storage fingerprinting in your browser, as well. 

The simple interface allows you to get started right away, too. If you are tired of being tracked - especially while working with multiple logins - you'll appreciate Session Splitter.

Jim Kreinbrink
President - Hyper Dog Media

Session Splitter takes a different approach to user privacy and partitioned profiles. 

By eliminating excess browser bloat, Session Splitter it does one thing — and does it exceptionally well!

Brian Kato
Owner - Fusion Vine

Running an agency, it's imperative to keep all of my client's digital assets completely separate, as if I were using a different computer for each. There are a few options out there, but nothing comes close to Session Splitter.

 Even in beta, it's already rock-solid with a very intuitive interface and is the app I've wanted for years, but no-one offered. 

Synchronization with other instances is on the roadmap, and when that comes, it'll be unbeatable.

Ross Taylor
Principal - Alameda Internet Marketing

Did You Say Beta?

Session Splitter is Commercial Grade software, being developed and improved with Beta Software speed! What this means to us is Beta Pricing!

Lifetime License Pricing For Early Adopters

Because we are looking for early adopters, people who will help us continue to add more features through recommendations, we have created a Once In a Lifetime pricing structure for you.

Our Beta Prices Monthly

For as long as you own a subscription to Session Splitter, your price will never change! All improvements made to the core application will become part of your subscription.

Due to the nature of beta software, we can not offer refunds at this time.

About Solo+1 And Teams During Beta

We currently are NOT syncing data between machines, we are working on this right now, and it will be FREE, when available, for those who buy during beta.

Solo Monthly

$17 Month

1 User

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Solo+1 Monthly

$30 Month

2 Users 

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Small Team Monthly

$57.00 Month

5 Users

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Large Team Monthly

$97.00 Month

10 Users

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