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Advanced options

Session Splitter profile advanced options help you more control over your browsing session and ease of work.


Session Splitter-Advanced Options


✦ Disable 3D APIs

3d APIs are used by browsers to get information about your graphics, media devices etc. Disabling this, help prevent leaking this information.



✦ Disable Accelerated Video

Video acceleration is just using the hardware for processing. Generally, video processing is done by CPU, but when you need acceleration it uses GPU and slows down the system. You can disable the Accelerated Video through this function.


✦ Disable Background Mode

This option allows you to disable the apps running in the background when Ungoogled Chromium exits.


✦ Disable GPU

It disables the GPU hardware acceleration.


✦ Disable Plugins

Plugins used by web browser can be disabled through this option.


✦ Disable Plugins Discovery

Activating this option disables the discovery of browser plugins.


✦ Disable Preconnect

Preconnect allows the browser to set up early connections before an HTTP request is actually sent to the server. Activating this feature  disables the pre connections such as TCP/IP and TLS negotiation.


✦ Disable Translate

This option disables the Google translate function.


✦ DNS Prefetch Disable

It is just like the Disable preconnect, but it works only for DNS lookup.


✦ No Pings

Hyperlink auditing pings can be disabled through this feature.


✦ No Referrers

The referrer  header contains the address of the previous web page from which a link to the currently requested page was followed. You can use the Ungoogled Chromium without sending referrers.


✦ Restore Last Session

As name says it help you save the browsing session when you close the web browser, and restore the session when you open it again. It help you restore all the tabs and windows which were open when you closed the last session.


✦ Start Maximized

This feature allows you to start the web browser in a full window.

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