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Opening and Closing Profiles

Opening and Closing profiles in Session Splitter is very easy.


Opening a profile

✦ Start Session Splitter from Desktop shortcut or start menu.

✦ Sign in with your username and password. You will see profiles list. If its first time you logged into Session Splitter, know how to create a profile.

✦ Click on the ‘Start’ button in front of the profile, as shown in the screenshot.


Opening Profile


✦ The browser will open, and the ‘Start’ button will turn into red colored ‘Stop’ button.


Started profiles


Click here know how to edit a profile.


Closing a profile

Go to ‘Profiles list’, if there are multiple profiles open, you will see multiple red ‘Stop’ buttons. Hit the ‘Stop’ button of the profile you want to close. All the browsers for that profile will close. and the red ‘Stop’ button will turn into blue ‘Start’ button again.



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