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Data Security

Data Safety

Session Splitter is serious about your data safety. We have the highest level of  security in our system to protect your data from any unfair means.


Your passwords

Session Splitter account password set by you or generated by system is fully secured. We don’t know the password if it is set by you. We can only know if it is generated by any of our help and support personnel, and we recommend to change it as soon as possible.

The passwords of your website logins are never saved in our system. We are using ‘Ungoogled Chromium‘ as browser, and this is a customized chromium browser that is free from ‘Google web service’. We have disabled all the settings that can show your real identity to websites. ‘Password saving’ and ‘Automated sign-in’ options are disabled by default.

If you want to save passwords with Ungoogled Chromium or you want automated sign in to websites, then you will have to enable it manually.

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