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The Session Splitter Proxy Manager Extension

We have also developed the Session Splitter Proxy Manager Extension, located in the Extensions section.

This was developed for two main purposes.

  1. To give profile sellers a way to include and protect proxies with their profiles. Thus, allowing end customers to have profiles that have been with the profile since inception! Something NEVER offered anywhere before!
  2. To give users, the opportunity to use a SINGLE authenticated proxy, with a profile. We have not been able to justify the need for a number of authenticated proxies, so have not developed this extension to support that.

Using the extension is easy –

  1. Simply turn the extension on for the profile.

2021 04 30 7 56 47

2. Open the profile, and make sure that it is showing.

2021 04 30 7 59 41


3. Click on the extension, and see that it is working, then hit, “change my ip”.

2021 04 30 7 23 55

4. Enter the password if one is being used.

2021 04 30 7 24 19

5. Add the new details and save! A Password is not required.

2021 04 30 7 24 46

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