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Profile Lock

How to lock a profile


✦ Start Session Splitter and login and with your username and password.

✦ Select the profile you want to lock, click the three dots menu at right and click on edit.

✦ You will land on the profile edit page. Scroll down and click on ‘Lock Profile’


Lock profile-1


✦ Click in the checkbox. It will turn ‘Blue’ with a checkmark. And then enter the new password. And hit ‘Save’ button.


Lock profile-lock this profile


✦ You will be returned to the profiles list. Now you will see a lock icon ‘🔒’ just before the profile name.


Lock profile-profiles list


✦ Now no one can edit this profile without the password. When anybody tries to edit the profile, a pop up will open and ask for the password.


Lock profile-edit-enter-password


How to unlock a profile


✦ User will have to enter the password in the text field to edit the profile. Enter the correct password and hit ‘Submit’.


Lock profile-edit-enter-password-1


✦ You will now land on the profile edit page. Scroll down and Click on ‘Lock Profile’. And uncheck the box as shown in the screenshot and hit ‘Save’ button.


Unlock profile


✦ The profile is now unlocked. And you will be returned to profiles list.


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