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Profile Groups

Session Splitter provides you an option to put profiles in a group.

You can group profiles for a client, social media, type of clients etc. It’s up to you how you manage profile groups.


How to group profiles

✦ Start Session Splitter from Desktop shortcut or start menu.

✦ Sign in with your username and password. You will see profiles list. If its first time you logged into Session Splitter, know how to create a profile.

✦ Click on the three dots menu, right next to ‘Start’ button.


Group Profiles-menu


✦ Now click on ‘Edit’. (see screenshot below)


Group Profiles-menu-edit


✦ Just below the profile name, there is a text box (along with a dropdown at right) to enter the new group name.


Group Profiles group name-1


✦ Enter the group name in the text box if there is no group available.


Group Profiles group name


✦ Hit the save button at the bottom to save the profile. The group will be saved automatically.


Group Profiles save


✦ You can see that in the profiles list, the profile is added to the group ‘Social Media’


Group Profiles group added


✦ If you want to add another profile in the group ‘Social media’, select the profile and click ‘edit’


Group Profiles-add profile to group-edit


✦ Click the dropdown button in the ‘Group’ row in the profile editor.


Group Profiles-add profile to group-click-dropdownt


✦ Now click on the group ‘Social Media’ and hit the save button at the bottom.


Group Profiles-add profile to group-click-dropdown-social-media


✦ You will be returned to profiles list. Here you can see that your selected profile is added to the group ‘Social media’


Group Profiles-add profile to group-added-list


✦ You can create unlimited number of groups and add profiles to these group as per your requirements.

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