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Hide Profile

How to hide a profile


✦ Start Session Splitter from Desktop shortcut or start menu.

✦ Sign in with your username and password. You will see profiles list.

✦ Click on the three dots menu, right next to ‘Start’ button. And then click on edit.

✦ Scroll down and click ‘Hide Profile’


Hide Profile-1


✦ Click in the checkbox. It will turn ‘Blue’ with a checkmark. And then enter the new password. And hit ‘Save’ button.


Hide Profile-save changes


✦ You will be returned to the profiles list. Now you will see that the profile you hid is not there in the list.


Hide Profile-not in the list



How to View a hidden profile


✦ Click on ‘Tools’ in the left blue bar.



View Hidden Profile Step-1


✦ Now click on the last option ‘View Hidden Profiles’


View Hidden Profile Step-2


✦ A pop up with password field will open.


View Hidden Profile Step-3


✦ Type the correct password and hit Submit. You will be returned to profiles list. Here you can see that your hidden profile is visible. But it contains an eye icon 👁 just before the profile name.


View Hidden Profile Step-4



How to Unhide a Profile


✦ Follow the above process to view a hidden profile.

✦ Now click on the three dots menu and then ‘Edit’.


Unhide Profile Step-1


✦ Scroll down until you see ‘Hide Profile’. Click on ‘Hide Profile’.


Unhide Profile Step-2


✦ Click on the checkbox to turn it into ‘Unchecked’. And, hit the ‘Save’ button.


Unhide Profile Step-3

Unhide Profile Step-4


✦ You will land on the Profiles List. Now you can see that your hidden profile is no longer hidden and its there in the list without any eye 👁 icon.


Unhide Profile Step-5


✦ Enjoy.

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