Session Splitter FAQs

We support HTTP, Socks4 and Socks5 Proxies 

We currently support IP:Port. That’s right, not IP:PORT:USER:PASSWORD. We don’t support these because Chroms and Edge themselves don’t suport this. But there is still a way to use these formats with out software. As a matter of fact, we support ALL formats that include user and password. As an example, below we are using a packetstream proxy. So we just put in the proxyname (or IP) and port.

We save the proxy and then launch the browser profile. It asks us our user name and password. These are the user name and password given by packetstream. 

Once you sign in, the browser will ask you if you want to save that username and password, simply say yes. Now, everytime you lanuch the browser fresh, it will ask you if you want to use that information to sign in with, say yes, and you are done!

If you are trying to run Session Splitter in a Virtual Machine, you must also install this paclage here: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

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