Session Splitter Launched

As an SEO Technology firm, we worked for several clients. We had to manage different browser profiles to stop mixing up things. And, this was hard to manage each profile’s proxy, browser info, user-agent, etc.

We needed a tool that could manage different browser profiles without leaving any footprints. And, our team members could work from anywhere with exactly the same information related to browser profiles.

The need became a solution, and we started working on tool development.
In the first week of January 2021, the tool was ready, and it was successful in splitting the browsing sessions, so named Session Splitter.

Many technology companies, agencies, and freelancers require this kind of tool, and we decided to make it available for these people.

Finally, we launched the official Session Splitter through our software wing ‘Turboware.net’, in mid-January 2021.