If You Think Your VPN
Is Covering Your Tracks


VPN software and services are great; heck, we use them ourselves. But they are only HALF of the equation.

The other half is your browser, and 99.99% of you are leaving Internet trails a mile wide.

That’s why we created Session Splitter. To provide TRUE Internet Security! Allowing you to manage your browser identities; NOT bleeding your information to sites or services that you’d rather them not have. And we’ve made it SUPER easy to operate.

Not To Get All “Political​” . . . But

Listen, It’s no secret, we are all being watched, we are all being monitored. That’s not “crazy talk”, that is a proven fact. Everything you do on the Internet is tracked and logged.

Cookies, cache, scripts, plugins, ad services, social media services, your ISP, and the Government. All watches, all recording, all gathering data. Day in, day out. Website in, website out.

A couple of great VPN companies out there manage to help, but that’s only half of the issue. Even if you are using a VPN, you are still bleeding your data all over the place. Browsers have been made, designed to deliver your data. We have fixed this!

And we aren’t taking sides either; everybody deserves privacy and the ability to keep their personal data to themself! It shouldn’t belong to your ISP, websites you don’t want to have it, social media companies, advertising companies, and sure as hell, not the Government! 

That’s why we have developed Session Splitter. To help take back control of your information! You decide who gets what, simply and easily!


We have created pricing plans that should work for just about everybody. Check us out, test our security. I think you will find that with the correct settings (depending on your browsing needs), we can protect you as much or better than other options available. And we are priced to make your privacy affordable.

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